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Grand Hotel Duomo

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THE HOTEL AND ITS HISTORY A jewel set in an antique cityLarge, elegant, and only 50 meters from the Leaning Tower, the Grand Hotel Duomo offers a magnificent view of Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracle Square). As it is located at the end of Via Santa Maria, one of the oldest and most characteristic streets in Pisa, it ensures an exclusive position for a comfortable and relaxing stay in the city.A winding series of ancient Pisan palaces where the noble families once lived, today mostly allocated to the university, distinguish this eclectic street found in the Tramontana district, the ancient heart of the city, where Giorgio Vasari is thought to have projected architectural designs. Thanks to its strategic position, the hotel allows its guests to easily reach the cities most noted for Tuscan art, just as it allows them to reach the sea and the countryside. To the east of the hotel, one’s gaze may be captured by the architectural charm of Piazza dei Miracoli with its famous bell tower looming in the sky. And in the center of this unique, picturesque urban framework is the Grand Hotel Duomo of Pisa. Retro Inspirations. Built in the 1960’s according to the precepts of modernism and geometric rationalism considered dear at the time, the hotel possesses a picturesque retro style corner where different materials meet each other in an interplay of various shapes and colors. Founded by Silvio and Miranda Panichi, it presents itself immediately as a structure ready to satisfy the needs of a demanding international clientele. Upon entrance into the hotel in the bright hall that often plays host to various art fixtures and works of art, our collaborators await our guests with enthusiasm and courtesy to ensure them a pleasurable stay. In the Grand Hotel Duomo of Pisa, regularly shaped white and travertine marble are lined with a wooden framework. This imposing effect has been expertly softened by chairs and furnishing complements, which are characterized by the sweeping curves evident in the shapes of Art Deco. The wide entrance gives way to a long, wooden balcony that marks the mezzanine level. AMERICAN BAR AND MEZZANINE FLOOR An intimate and comfortable atmosphereTo the side of the entrance, the majestic flight of marble stairs grants access to the mezzanine level. This is an especially bright area, thanks to the large windows that run from the floor to the ceiling. Another distinguishing feature is the red Verona marble and wood columns that line the room. The American Bar offers the possibility to relax while having a drink prepared by our expert “Bob”, the international barman, greatly loved and widely known for his skill and charm. A grand piano takes up one side of the room and is ready to simply create a relaxing atmosphere or alternately express its colorful notes during ceremonies, graduation parties, or the most exclusive festivities, such as vernissages, fashion shows, and cocktail parties, all events that the hotel is able to host upon request. THE ROOF GARDEN Let yourself be captured by the excitement of the historical richness... The Hotel Roof Garden, one of the most exciting, panoramic terraces in the city, not only offers an incomparable view but also the excitement of sipping on an aperitif as the last couple of lights left in the city color all of the architecture of the most famous square in Italy with a brilliant red. FAMOUS APPEARANCES The famous passing through at the Grand Hotel Duomo of Pisa. The hotel boasts of the passing through of several famous figures, who since the 1960’s have enjoyed the close proximity of Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower. When crossing the mezzanine floor, it is possible to see autographed testimonies of famous people from the past and present, such as Vittorio De Sica, Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren, and many others.

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